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Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, where our journey ends.

Bill and I are walking our third Camino this fall, this time from Le-Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France. The end point, Saint-Jean, is where we began our first Camino and where many pilgrims begin the walk to Santiago.

I invite you to walk with us again.

On this pilgrimage, we also will walk with Al Otro Lado, an organization that is working desperately to protect the family rights of migrants crossing the border from Mexico. These migrants touched our hearts during our second Camino last year in Portugal. While we were walking along carrying ergonomic backpacks, wearing cushioned boots and knowing in just a few more kilometers we would have showers and dinner with wine and a bed to sleep on, we would see pictures on our phones of Central American migrants on their own pilgrimage north: wearing flip flops, carrying children, carrying their belongings in flimsy plastic bags, and not knowing when they would eat or shower or sleep again.

These are the people Al Otro Lado helps. We learned of this organization through NOVA Catholic Community in Arlington, Virginia, where Rebecca Eichler, an immigration attorney, spoke to us. Rebecca moved from Alexandria to Mexico with her family, and she partners with Al Otro Lado in providing legal services along the migration route. Noah, an Arlington high school graduate, also spoke to us. He spent time working with Al Otro Lado, in Tijuana. I recall him telling about how he would play with the children while their parents were receiving legal advice and about how much they touched his heart.

To learn how to donate, go to NOVA Catholic Community’s website: You can also pray and take your own walks – intentionally — with us, with the migrants, with Al Otro Lado.

  • Day 32

    October 24, 2019 by

    We have arrived in St Jean! A challenging day. Light rAin and mud for the first 5 hours. A cafe break. Then the last hour was mostly dry and on paved roads. Beautiful views of the foothills. And we walked through the city gates like the old timers we are. Five years after our first… Read more

  • Day 31

    October 23, 2019 by

    Wednesday October 23: to Ostabat-Asme. This is the first town after the point that three caminos in France come together. Our guidebook says Ostabat once was able to accommodate 5000 pilgrims. Not any more. We were lucky today to get a room above the bar. Some people are walking on with no idea of where… Read more

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